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One of the core values at Revo Academy is "doing well to do good". Meaning, while we have very high academic standards for our students and we anticipate they will do well, just as importantly, we expect them to do good. To support this idea, our students are guided through a social entrepreneurship curriculum that gives them the tools to make a real difference in our world.

In the primary grades, students are introduced to the idea of social entrepreneurship. They begin to understand that with their success they hold a responsibility to help others. Students begin exploring social issues, doing case studies and brainstorming ways in which they might be able to make an impact.

In the upper grades students begin to take a deeper dive into what it really means to be a social entrepreneur. As a student community they analyze what social cause is meaningful to them and how they can take action to make a difference.

This year our students dedicated their focus to shelter animals as it's a cause very near to their heart. After months of research and preparation, the students pitched a partnership proposal to the CEO and Founder of Paw Works, Chad Atkins. Mr. Atkins was impressed by our students' passion and drive and a partnership was born. Together, our students and Paw Works are planning the 1st annual dog-a-thon, Less Talk More Walk. This event is student designed and driven and shows that with guidance and support our kids are unstoppable!


To learn more about our dog-a-thon, Less Talk More Walk, visit:

gifted learner school

1250 Erbes Road.

Thousand Oaks, CA. 91362


gifted learner school
gifted learner school


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