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About Us

In advisement with the Executive Director of the National Society for the Gifted and Talented, Revo Academy, a WASC accredited educational institution, was founded by educators with an expertise in gifted education as well as a personal connection and passion for serving this student population. 


As both educational professionals and parents of gifted learners, we came to a crossroads in advocating for appropriately challenging education for our own children.  In scouring the country for a better way to serve gifted students, we discovered outstanding programs and became determined to bring these proven practices to our community.  


Throughout this quest to find a solution for our own children, we learned the stories behind other fine high-ability & gifted learner schools were similar to our own.  Like us, their vision for a better way was built out of necessity for their own children and community.  With a shared expertise and partnership, we have joined them in their mission to further a high standard of education that meets the specific needs for the gifted student population. Collectively, we are meeting this critically important need and revolutionizing education for gifted learners.


Our guiding principle at Revo Academy is a strong belief that like any other student population, gifted learners are entitled to realize their full potential and achieve noticeable gains for a genuine sense of accomplishment.  Our goal every day is for students to arrive to school with an enthusiasm to fully engage in lessons that offer limitless exploration and discovery.  We are committed to creating an environment where students finish the school day bubbling over with an excitement to share what they have learned, and can't wait to return the next day to do even more.  



At Revo Academy, subject areas are taught using in-depth project, problem and game based lessons to provide for optimal engagement and appropriate challenge.  The curriculum is based on proven practices from leading gifted program developers around the country; William and Mary College of Gifted Education, University of Connecticut NEAG Center for Gifted and Talented Education, and Singapore Math


In addition to an academic curriculum developed by leading gifted education researchers and program developers, Revo Academy provides further enrichment classes in Art, Foreign Language, PE, Science Lab, Odyssey of the Mind, Academic Chess, Service Learning, and regular field trips.


At Revo Academy, we consider our teachers to be the foundation for ensuring the highest quality school program. Revo Academy educators are fully credentialed professionals with experience and expertise in gifted education.   We select only the finest educators with a proven track record and a genuine passion and connection to our mission and the students that we serve. 


With our highly seasoned staff and an advisory team comprised of renowned gifted education leaders from across the country, we are changing the game in gifted education.  We welcome you to join us in our mission as we grow the highest quality school for gifted learners to thrive and experience the joy of learning.


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