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Middle School

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Revo’s middle school program combines advanced topics with Project-Based Learning (PBL) in order to provide a challenging learning experience, which still retains Revo’s focus on social-emotional development and skill-building. Middle school classes are structured in the style of small-group seminars, along with time to explore their academic subjects and passions through long-term “deep dive” projects. As a result, we send off our middle school graduates with the skills they need to succeed in high school, as well as a strong passion and joy for learning.


Language Arts

The middle school English Language Arts curriculum is taught as a seminar, in which students participate in close reading and discussion of ancient, early modern, and contemporary texts. In the first year of middle school, the ELA curriculum works in tandem with the History curriculum as a “great books” style course, in which students read primary source texts such as The Odyssey from ancient civilizations within the context of that culture’s history. In the later years of middle school, students carry out semester-long novel studies that either explore genres of literature such as Gothic prose and poetry, or complement the themes of their History units. 

Students also complete extended formal writing assignments in order to engage with the texts they have read. They write thoughtful essays on textual themes, characterization, and more, and learn how to write long-term inquiry-driven research papers. They also explore their own creative writing style through the writing of both short and extended narratives.


The middle school History curriculum also takes a seminar-style approach to empower students to learn about important civilizations, events, and topics in history. In the first year of middle school, the History curriculum works in tandem with the English Language Arts curriculum, in which students explore ancient world civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. In our upper-level History courses, classes take a thematic approach to world history to identify causes and effects of historical events on every continent, from the fall of empires and cross-cultural exchange of ideas, to revolutions and global conflicts.

In order to enhance their understanding of these historical events, and to build the skills of historical inquiry, students also work on long-term projects every semester, both group and individual.



The middle school Science curriculum works through a variety of topics, from earth science and astronomy to physical sciences and engineering. Throughout these units, students engage in short and long-term projects and hands-on labs, along with field trips and other exploration outside of the classroom. Alongside these topics, students reinforce their mastery of the scientific method by researching, designing, and carrying out long-term science fair projects each year in order to earn a spot in the California Science & Engineering Fair.



As in the elementary school, students in middle school continue to take the math course that suits their specific level. Revo offers upper-level math classes including Pre-Algebra and Algebra, with other opportunities for advanced math study. These math classes cover the major concepts while also incorporating engaging projects to see the real-world applications of these concepts, such as designing tessellation and fractal art pieces, or designing board games based upon mathematical principles.


Extra-Curricular Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

In middle school, students continue to build upon the social-emotional skills they have learned throughout elementary school. They have opportunities to put this into practice through a weekly Leadership class, joining our Honor Patrol, and working with the younger students on campus. Middle schoolers also run our Student Council, which is in charge of coordinating all-school activities and service learning opportunities. Through these offerings, our students learn how to put their ideas into action, and become role models for the younger classes.


Outside of the Classroom

At Revo, we believe that learning also occurs outside of the classroom, and this is equally true in middle school. Students go on field trips that both connect to their curricula, such as the Getty Villa and the Museum of Tolerance, and reinforce our social-emotional learning, such as a cooking class at Sur la Table.

Middle school students also have the opportunity to go on overnight field trips, as well as extended trips. Previous and upcoming trips include

  • Riley’s Farm: Revolutionary War reenactment

  • Catalina Island Marine Institute: Science and outdoor learning experience

  • Italy (Rome and Pompeii): History, Latin, and archaeology tour

  • Washington, DC: American history tour

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