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Faculty / Staff

Revo Academy educators are fully credentialed with experience and expertise in gifted education.  We select only the finest educators with a proven track record, and a genuine passion and connection to our mission and the students that we serve. 

Additionally, our enrichment classes are taught by subject area specialists.  Together, their areas of expertise, in conjunction with our academic program, students receive a comprehensive, whole child and engaging approach to learning.



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Naomi Arnold, MAEd, MHL

Middle School Humanities Teacher


Naomi comes from a family of teachers, engineers, and entrepreneurs and has been in the world of K-12 education for 25 years. She established her foundations as a teacher and curriculum author at Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles, where she also mentored teachers and served as the Dean of Faculty. Dedicated to fostering meaningful learning experiences,

Naomi holds a Bachelors in History, a double Master degree in Education, and a Certificate of Online Teaching. She uses hands-on/minds-on and inquiry-based approaches to encourage strategic problem solving and healthy collaboration habits.


Naomi has presented workshops on Meeting the Needs of the Whole Learner, and in 2014 she founded StudyFit, a private practice helping families navigate their children’s learning journeys. In addition she has taught in gifted academies and independent schools across Southern California, the East Coast, and Silicon Valley, in addition to launching multiple summer programs for Oakland-based Galileo Learning.

Naomi has acted as a consultant for Revo Academy in previous years, and as a seasoned middle school Humanities teacher is thrilled to lead Revo's middle school Humanities program.


As a native of the Midwest, Naomi loves being outdoors, hiking, trying new foods, playing games, writing, and being with family and friends.


Melissa Dodos

Kindergarten Teacher

Melissa Dodos earned a B.A. degree in social justice from   the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating   with honors and distinction in her major.  She completed   her graduate units in elementary education from Cal State   Los Angeles and holds a CA clear multiple subjects   teaching credential. Her dedication to children spans over   20 years with experience in both traditional and   progressive educational settings.  


Most   recently,  Mrs. Dodos worked as an  intervention and   enrichment teacher with K-1 students in the Rio school   district in Oxnard. She planned foundational literacy and   math activities for  small groups and implemented STEAM   classes that nurtured creativity and critical thinking. She   has worked for both Santa Barbara Charter school and   Ventura Charter, helping implement project-based   learning   units with K-5   students. She has two gifted children of her own and understands the unique learning needs of gifted   students.

As an  instructor at the Summer Institute for the Gifted at   Cal Lutheran,  she enjoyed working with  two classes of   gifted and talented students, focusing on literacy   development.  She has a passion for curriculum   development and student-centered learning.   Her whole-child approach builds upon individual strengths and   supports areas of need while  incorporating student goal setting and reflection.  She seeks to instill a love of   learning in all her students while inspiring them to be   explorers, innovators, and problem solvers.        


Mrs. Dodos has lived in Ventura with her husband and   children for the past 20 years.  She loves reading, sewing, and going to the beach with her family.    


Christine Gorksi

Middle School Math & Science Teacher



Mrs. Gorski holds a degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in academic differentiation and serving individual learning differences. In addition to Mrs. Gorski's years of experience as an educator, she has completed various specialized trainings related to the adolescent brain and learning, with a specific emphasis on math.


Mrs. Gorski is highly skilled at creatively challenging each student individually while simultaneously supporting them to build confidence and a strong sense of agency.

Her energetic, inquiry based approach engages students in a manner that allows them to build a solid foundations for real world connections. 

Mrs. Gorski grew up in LA but now loves living in Ventura County.  She loves being with her family and being involved in her community.  From taking her kids to their extra curriculars, to attending and volunteering at events, Mrs. Gorski loves to get out and get involved.


Lianna Granado, M.Ed

First Grade Teacher



Mrs. Granado earned her Masters in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education.

.As a previous Wellness Teacher for K-8 students, she is deeply knowledgeable in helping students grow their social emotional skills, learn age-appropriate techniques around building body awareness, safety, and resilience, and cultivating a consistent mindfulness practice. An important Hawaiian phrase you’ll see in her classroom and often hear from her is, “mālama pono” which translates to: to take good care of yourself and your light. As a certified youth mental health specialist, she deeply understands the importance of calm and grounded instruction and soft spaces for students to learn and feel encouraged in. 

Mrs. Granado’s favorite thing to facilitate and guide beyond student well-being, is project based learning experiences with a focus on student inquiry. One of her specialties in student inquiry projects is gathering a strong community of outside support to further expand and extend student knowledge. She understands the value of centering multiple voices, perspectives, and ideas, so you’ll most likely find a guest speaker in her class and team of support surrounding her students throughout the year. 

In her free time she loves to hula dance with Hālau Hula O Pualanina'auali'ioha, make Hawaiian leis and host seasonal lei making workshops, lead community well-being events for families, teach yoga, and most importantly spend time with her ‘ohana. 


Olivia Howard, M.Ed

Fourth Grade Teacher


Ms. Howard earned her B.S. from Northern Michigan University. She then went on to earn her teaching credentials from the Friends School Teacher Preparation Program in Boulder, CO, as well as earned her Masters in Learning, Development and Family Science from the University of Colorado Denver. Ms. Howard also holds her Elementary Multiple Subjects Credential in California. 


Ms. Howard has worked in a variety of educational settings, both traditional and nontraditional. She has several years experience as an outdoor and experiential educator, as well as classroom teaching experience in Colorado. Ms. Howard has been trained in Responsive Classroom, a student-focused approach to teaching and learning that concentrates on social emotional well-being and classroom community, and uses these values as the foundational elements for her classroom. She encourages a classroom environment where students are highly active contributors in their learning and growth, with a core value on ongoing classroom community building. 

Ms. Howard brings tremendous experience adapting and differentiating curriculum to meet the needs of her individual students. She is committed to being a life-long learner herself and aspires to continued growth and advancement both personal and professionally. 


Ms. Howard moved from Boulder, CO to Santa Clarita and is originally from West Michigan. In her free time she enjoys camping, trail running, rock climbing and reading.


Lee Anne Kallen

Second Grade Teacher

As an elementary credentialed educator, Mrs. Kallen graduated from California State University. Her fifteen years of teaching experience includes working in private, charter, and Native American schools.  Mrs. Kallen has also spent over 20 years working with students in a leadership program where she taught character development, public speaking and organizational management.


Among other areas of expertise, Mrs. Kallen integrates her leadership development and student government experience, as well as service learning and community building within her daily teaching approach.

The spirit of watching students grow throughout the year is what excites Mrs. Kallen to teach each and every day.  Her passion is igniting the personal passions and interests of her students, and providing them the time and space to make unique, meaningful connections..


Mrs. Kallen has been married for 27 years and has raised four boys. She understands the hectic life of school, sports, organizations, and working.  Mrs. Kallen is a big believer of school and home life balance to nurture early habits of purposeful living and overall wellbeing. 


Heather Scott, M.Ed

Third Grade Teacher



Ms. Scott has been using research based practices to teach young children since 2009. Her career in education began by teaching in early childhood programs, where she developed curriculum using the whole child approach and project based learning.


Ms. Scott earned a baccalaureate degree in Child Development from the University of La Vern, with cum laude, as well as her master’s degree in Education and multiple subject teaching credential, from the University of La Verne.

Ms. Scott's mission is to help students overcome barriers to learning by fostering students' sense of agency and developing personal positive social identities.

With her experience working in a nature explorer certified school, Ms. Scott skillfully brings the environment into her classroom through interdisciplinary lessons on the wilderness and how it pertains to science, social studies, and literature. Her purpose is to give all students an opportunity to explore, investigate, and learn in the way that matches their particular learning style. By providing students with meaningful learning choices and project based learning opportunities, she taps into each students’ intellectual strengths, and fosters a love for learning. 

Born and raised in Ventura county, her personal passions include exploring the great outdoors and all that it has to offer. In her spare time, she often goes to the beach, hiking, camping or backpacking with family and friends. She especially loves visiting national parks such as Yosemite and Sequoia.


Caitlin Wilson, M.Ed

Credentialed Teacher & Curriculum Director



Caitie Wilson earned her BA from UCLA in Linguistics and Psychology and her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Cognitive Diversity.


She began her teaching journey working with students who are both gifted and have learning differences. Mrs. Wilson spent the last seven years in the 4th and 5th grade classroom teaching a variety of subjects. Here, she found a love for creating and developing curriculum that met the talents and interests of her students. 

Mrs. Wilson loves finding ways to engage the learner through innovation and excitement. She is committed to supporting her student’s various interests and talents while also fostering a love for the learning process.


Mrs. Wilson is a native to the Ventura County area. When she is not in the classroom she loves spending time with her young baby, Remi. She also loves finding the best iced latte in town or eating sushi! 

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