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Revo Academy educators are fully credentialed with experience and expertise in gifted education.  We select only the finest educators with a proven track record, and a genuine passion and connection to our mission and the students that we serve. 

Additionally, our enrichment classes are taught by subject area specialists.  Together, their areas of expertise, in conjunction with our academic program, students receive a comprehensive, whole child and engaging approach to learning.

Melissa Dodos

Credentialed Teacher

Melissa Dodos earned a B.A. degree in social justice from   the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating   with honors and distinction in her major.  She completed   her graduate units in elementary education from Cal State   Los Angeles and holds a CA clear multiple subjects   teaching credential. Her dedication to children spans over   20 years with experience in both traditional and   progressive educational settings.  


Most   recently,  Mrs. Dodos worked as an  intervention and   enrichment teacher with K-1 students in the Rio school   district in Oxnard. She planned foundational literacy and   math activities for  small groups and implemented STEAM   classes that nurtured creativity and critical thinking. She   has worked for both Santa Barbara Charter school and   Ventura Charter, helping implement project-based   learning   units with K-5   students. She has two gifted children of her own and understands the unique learning needs of gifted   students.

As an  instructor at the Summer Institute for the Gifted at   Cal Lutheran,  she enjoyed working with  two classes of   gifted and talented students, focusing on literacy   development.  She has a passion for curriculum   development and student-centered learning.   Her whole-child approach builds upon individual strengths and   supports areas of need while  incorporating student goal setting and reflection.  She seeks to instill a love of   learning in all her students while inspiring them to be   explorers, innovators, and problem solvers.        


Mrs. Dodos has lived in Ventura with her husband and   children for the past 20 years.  She loves reading, sewing, and going to the beach with her family.    





Zoe Fox, M.A.

Latin & Middle School Humanities Teacher


Zoe Fox has a BA in Classical Languages from Bryn Mawr College, an MA in Classics from UCLA, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Classics through the University of Birmingham. She began her teaching journey as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses at UCLA, but quickly decided that her true passion lay in the K-12 classroom.


Ms Fox has spent the past several years developing her own approach to education, both teaching humanities to students who are gifted and have learning differences, and creating and implementing her own middle school Latin curriculum. In particular, she specializes in developing curricula that are personalized based on the students’ passions, and adapting these curricula in order to encourage student voice and choice in their education.

In Latin class, Ms Fox models this passion-led inquiry every day by bringing her own passion, Ancient Rome, into the classroom, and helping students discover the joy in lifelong learning. Besides her PhD work, she continues her own lifelong learning by spending summers completing fieldwork and excavating on archaeological digs in Rome. In addition, she volunteers as a museum site docent at the Getty Villa.


In her free time, Ms Fox loves going to Disneyland with her husband Patrick, and cuddling her cat Octavian.


Kerry Leikin

Credentialed Teacher



Kerry Leikin received her B.S. in Education from Ohio University and holds two teaching certifications; Child Development Site Supervisor and Elementary Multiple Subject Credential. She is an accomplished Educator with a decade of classroom experience.

Mrs. Leikin has spent her career teaching a wide spectrum of students over the last ten years. Her breadth of experience with various ages gives Mrs. Leikin a unique knowledge of children’s development and guides her bespoke curriculum. She specializes in project-based STEAM curriculum and social-emotional development skills building. She was given the prestigious opportunity to train as teacher facilitator for the RULER program, an innovative social-emotional curriculum by Dr. Marc Brackett, the founder of Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. Her expertise guides her to create a classroom where kindness, teamwork, responsibility, and community service are at the forefront.


Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Leikin values being an active member of school life. As a school site supervisor, Mrs. Leikin has overseen specialty curriculum committees, advised faculty, facilitated accreditation processes, mentored child development practicum students, and took on administrative roles in the absence of school administration. She believes that a great educator possesses a dedication to the school as a whole, in addition to one's classroom.

Mrs. Leikin’s inspiration and passion for teaching children was inspired by her mother who she grew up watching care and nurture children in her work. She also frequently draws on her education and early career path by utilizing her knowledge of Reggio Emilia curriculum to create outdoor education and learning opportunities that infuse art, inquiry, and the natural world. When she is not teaching, Mrs. Leikin enjoys creating art, organizing her planner, and cooking with her husband, Ben. 

Kelli Schroeder

Credentialed Teacher



Mrs. Schroeder’s unique combination of both professional expertise and personal experience with gifted learners, as well as her gifted training from renowned gifted education leaders across the country, makes her an asset to both students and staff.   


Mrs. Schroeder began her educational journey with a degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University where upon graduation she was recruited to teach in the Gifted and Talented program.  It was there Mrs. Schroeder began to perfect her craft, particularly with gifted children.  Her teaching techniques were further cultivated as she traveled the world, educating her two gifted children.  During her travels, she gained a strong appreciation for community and its impact on meaningful connectedness and widening of perspectives.  Mrs. Schroeder brings this wisdom into her classroom to create a cohesive learning environment where an open exchange and respectful exploration of ideas becomes the classroom culture. 

As a result of her astute ability to integrate a sense of community and global awareness into her teaching style, in 2016 Mrs. Schroeder was selected by the Chinese Affairs office of the State Council  to participate in the Global Leadership Program, “Discover China”.   After her visit to China, working with state, city and district level educational officials, she hosted the Chinese education officials at her home school and shared her expertise in “SEM” School-wide Enrichment Model.

As a lifelong learner, Mrs. Schroeder has continued her professional development through UCLA, San Diego State and Cal Lutheran University.   She also had the distinct privilege of completing extensive training under world thought leader and pioneer in gifted education, Dr. Joseph Renzulli, at the University of Connecticut.  In addition, Mrs. Schroeder obtained a Barton certification from Lindamood Bell, completed Project Based Learning training through Buck Institute for Education, and stays abreast of pioneering 

education approaches by regularly attending STEAM and gifted conferences across the country. 

Believing in equal opportunity for educational success, Mrs. Schroeder developed strategies and activities to accommodate learning differences with an expertise as a reading specialist.  As a highly sought after educator, Mrs. Schroeder is described as a teacher who paves the way for all her students to fall in love with learning by identifying their unique passions and providing an innovative, blended education approach.

When she isn't working to inspire students, parents, and fellow educators,  she hits the road in an R.V. with her husband, two children, and two-year-old Shiba Inu, Jax (pictured above).


Kristen Webb 

Credentialed Teacher



Kristen Webb earned her education degree from California State University and has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential specializing in literature.  Before coming to Revo Academy, she taught for over a decade in the Los Angeles Unified School District for the Gifted and Talented program.  During that time, she had the unique experience of working with students who were gifted as well as students with learning differences.

Mrs. Webb has expanded her knowledge of gifted education by attending regular specialized professional development programs, including several years attending the USC Summer Gifted Institute. She specializes in cross-curricular, project-based learning and possesses a seasoned ability to cultivate each student’s unique gifts and talents to reach their highest potential.  In addition, Mrs. Webb spent many years as a science lead teacher and has a passion for bringing the joy of scientific investigation and exploration to her students. 


Mrs. Webb also has an extensive athletic background and loves softball and volleyball. She is the mother of active twin boys and two French bulldogs.


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