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May 9, 2019

Our second annual Makerspace Carnival was a day to remember, with well over 200 attendees and kid-made carnival games that inspire one to believe anything is possible!

You may be asking, "What exactly is a Makerspace Carnival?" Picture giving an entire school full...

October 31, 2015

It quickly became clear that our son needed more than what was being provided in a standard classroom.  By first grade, he was bored and constructing very detailed airplanes and cars out of the scraps of paper from the classwork.  He was frustrated and unhappy. The tea...

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Dr. Barbara Swicord • February 2016

Dear Contreras family, 
Thanks so much for sharing your story. Here at NSGT we hear these types of stories all too frequently where highly capable students are ignored, overlooked, repressed, or worse, in their current or past schools. I'm so happy that your story has a happy twist early in your students' academic journeys. We are also delighted that Revo Academy has been opened. It provides another shining light in our shared missions to enrich the lives of talented young people who were not receiving the attention and nurturance in their past situations that they needed and deserved. I'm confident your children are on a great path through the positive directions provided by the wonderful people at Revo. Best wishes to your family and to the new school as it makes a difference in the first group of many future children's lives.
Barbara Swicord, CEO, NSGT/SIG


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