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Has the Alphabet Changed?

It quickly became clear that our son needed more than what was being provided in a standard classroom. By first grade, he was bored and constructing very detailed airplanes and cars out of the scraps of paper from the classwork. He was frustrated and unhappy. The teachers said he needed to sit still on the carpet and not day dream so much. We decided to dig deeper. We realized that he was gifted and that it isn't such a simple “diagnosis.”

We changed schools with the promise that they could meet his need to be satiated. He didn’t need more work or to be left on a computer all day. He needed to be with kids and teachers who “got” him. Bored and unhappy quickly turned to anxious and isolated. Our heart was breaking, this friendly and wildly curious boy was being taught that there was something wrong with him for wanting to know more, dig deeper, touch, build, and explore.

We looked at more schools but nothing existed in our area where they really understood the needs of this unique student population. We tried homeschool but our son missed the camaraderie of working side by side with kids his age. We even considered moving.

Why was this so hard to find? By now our second son had started school and it was clear he was going to coast by bored and counting the minutes to recess.

By a series of happy accidents, I received Tamy’s phone number. We commiserated about our journeys to support our children and she shared she might be opening a school. We kept in touch, September 1, the opening of Revo, changed our family. My sons are excited to come to school, they have friends, and they can’t stop talking about their day. We went from tummy aches and headaches to rosy cheeks and bright eyes.

​I know at Revo, if my so​n asks a question like he did about the alphabet, he will get an answer and be challenged to try something new or dig deeper in a way he understands. We are very grateful that our boys have found a home at Revo!

The Contreras Family

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