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2nd Annual Makerspace Carnival

Our second annual Makerspace Carnival was a day to remember, with well over 200 attendees and kid-made carnival games that inspire one to believe anything is possible!

You may be asking, "What exactly is a Makerspace Carnival?" Picture giving an entire school full of kids the freedom to create their very own carnival complete with kid-made games. Using their imagination and mostly recycled materials (think lot's of cardboard) the end result was truly inspiring. From a 2nd grader's Buzzinator to a 4th grader's giant Whack-a-Mole the games were ingenious and provided hours of fun. Even our youngest students joined in on the design process with kindergartners collaboratively creating a marble run, ball throw and ring toss- all with an innovative twist.

The community came out in a huge sign of support and joined in on the fun, food and imaginations gone wild. Between the array of games, a chili cook-off, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting and a well earned sense of pride - our Revo Makerspace Carnival had all the elements of what Revo embodies: innovation, collaboration, ingenuity and most important, good old-fashioned community building FUN!

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